We are really happy to announce we now stock Cubbies Dumbles Elephants. They come in many colours for you to choose from. They make a great gift for any celebration, and we can stitch on both of the very large ears.

We can make your Elephant Dumbles in many colours grey, blues, pink. Take look in our shop at all the cute options available

Beautiful Bunny

We are so excited to work in partnership with Cubbies. There are so many soft toys to choose from and many new products coming soon. Follow the link to our shop and enter the magical world of Cubbies.

Cloud Dimple Baby Wrap

We are pleased to say our new Cloud Dimple blankets are available to buy for our shop!

Great gifts for new born babies, christening or any birthday gift

Many beautiful gifts and keepsakes for baby and toddlers.

….sometimes the smallest things take up the most of my heart

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